Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring in Quincy

 My preview of spring consisted of a few posts from the lower end of Feather River Canyon and several from Table Mountain a week ago. Today we hiked on the forest service road north of Oakland Camp and saw evidence that spring has finally arrived at the Quincy elevation, around 3,400'.  The hardy Dandelion (above) is always one of the first arrivals.  Ironically, I love dandelions and there are none in my lawn yet; but my neighbor, who doesn't like them, has quite a few.  The above photo was taken by Oakland Camp.
 Secure in knowing his cave is right behind him, this fence lizard allowed me to get within a foot before he disappeared into the darkness.
 The Shelton's Violets have been blooming here for over a week, but today I saw a second yellow species for the first time this season.  The above violet is the Pine Violet.  It does well in dry soil, and the soil everywhere I go looks extremely dry.
 Here are the first Dusky Horkelia (above) I've found blooming near Quincy.
If you live in a desert, you'd be pleased to see this scene, and I enjoyed seeing a pair of ducks take off from Spanish Creek, but in relation to normal years, the water is extremely low.  No sign yet of Indian Rhubarb, or any other flowers by the water's edge.

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