Tuesday, March 24, 2015

FRC Nature Trail is awakening for Spring

 The shady section of the Feather River College Nature Trail has a few spring wildflowers blooming and the early leaves of quite a few more.  Last week I walked the upper portion of the trail that gets a lot more sun and found many Shelton's Violets and Spring Whitlow Grass blooming.
 In the shady, the prettiest green spots, to me, were the young Bedstraw (above).
 I love to see the windfalls, especially the larger logs, left on the ground to host a variety of fungi, lichens, and invertebrate life as they gradually become soil over the years.  This bracket fungus on a fallen Douglas-fir was particularly impressive.
 The Gooseberries are blooming along the trail nearest the buildings of the upper campus.
 And the last thing I photographed on this day was a long Shelton's Violet.

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