Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Never Give Up!

 On a brief stroll around my front yard I noticed an old "dead" potted plant I had discarded and destined to become soil again.  But today I noticed a new sprout from the side. I immediately admired this little plant's audacity, trying to begin a new life when everything around it is turning brown and either dying or going to sleep for the winter.
 Here's a closer view.  I suspect it's not a part of the plant that occupied the pot,  but instead is the result of a seed that landed on this spot.  I'm tempted to pot it and bring it inside to see what it becomes.
On the lawn nearby, which I do not plan to mow again before winter, a few dandelions are trying to sneak their way into another cycle of seed production by laying really low.  I wish them the best.


  1. I think you should definitely pot the little volunteer and see what grows from it. Reading follow-up blogs about the plant would be interesting for me. I'm curious what it is and how long it will take for us to find out.

  2. Thanks for taking me up on that. If it survived the night's freeze, I'll do that when I get home this afternoon. Then I'll track the results on this blog.