Friday, March 9, 2012

Things You Might See

I'll be starting a new class Adventures in Nature Journaling on Saturday, March 24.  We'll have our first meeting on the FRC campus in Quincy, then meet up at a different site to explore each succeeding Saturday morning.  Six meetings in all.  Contact me at or call FRC at 283-0202, ext. 317, and ask for Connie Litz.  This is a class about exploring the biodiversity of Feather River Country and designing a nature journal in which to record your experiences.  We'll dabble in writing, sketching, and photography, and ways of enhancing our ability to discover our local flora and fauna - and fungi.  All the above images were captured during previous nature journaling classes.  We'll explore such places as Table Mountain, Butterfly Valley Botanical Area, tributaries of Spanish Creek, Brady's Camp, Williams Loop, and the Lakes Basin area.

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