Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oh, the Distractions!

I've managed to post two parts of my story about last Friday's hike on Table Mountain.  There will be at least five parts as I organize my photos and memories into chapters.  This morning, sensing a little sun before the next storm, I decided I needed to explore a couple of my Quincy area hot spots.  I briefly visited the beginning of the Keddie Cascades Trail and the rocky areas just north of the bridge at the Greenville Y.  After being immersed in colorful wildflowers on Friday, it was hard to adjust to the greens and browns and lack of blooming flowers.  I found myself trying to will them into blooming.  Tentatively thought of a title uniting the photos I took this morning: "Table Mountain as a Gateway Drug."  Thought better of it and decided on "Potential."  When I complete that post later today, I think you'll find both titles make some sense.
Before I could get started on sifting through the photos and writing my text, my wife coaxed me into taking another drive in search of things to draw.  We went up to Williams Loop, 11 miles east of Quincy.  Still pretty brown around that area except for the very colorful graffiti in the underpass.  Also saw some dippers frolicking in Greenhorn Creek.  We planned to hike around for a longer while, but were stopped in our tracks, so to speak, by the footprints shown in the two photos above.  We've read a lot recently about human encounters with mountain lions in our county, and decided we didn't want to be written about.  So, I took a couple of photos while imagining something large sneaking up on me from behind, then headed home.  Now I'm going to get back to writing about "potential."

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