Sunday, March 25, 2012


If I hadn't hiked all over Table Mountain last Friday, I could have walked through the woods this morning and dismissed these greens as so much "spring mix."  However, I recognized most of these as the early leaves of wildflowers that would soon be bursting forth with red, yellow, blue, and white blossoms and it's hard to wait for that to happen.  I've titled this post "Potential" because I know what's ahead.  I include the Roly Poly in that category because it had the potential to open in my hand.  But it didn't.  I waited at least two minutes then ran out of patience and returned it to its hiding place under a rock.  It opened immediately when I put it down.  The morning was made a little more exciting as I walked along the base of the cliffs at the side of Highway 89 just north of the Greenville Y.  It was a bit cold and dreary and i couldn't help but imagine a mountain lion above me redy to pounce if I struck a vulnerable pose.  I found myself talking really loud to nobody and walking quickly back to the car while swinging my arms.  Must have had a premonition because later in the day my wife and I came across the mountain lion prints pictured in my previous post.

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