Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nature Journaling Class

A great wildflower season is about to begin.  Great timing of rains and warmth.   If you'd like to be shown some wildflower hot spots by an experienced naturalist (that's me!), consider signing up for my Community Ed class, Adventures in Nature Journaling, at Feather River College.  283-0202, ext. 317.  We meet Saturday mornings from 9 to 12 from March 24 through May 12.  I'm also available to lead all-day nature walks, including tips on journaling and photography, to such places as Table Mountain, hot spots in the Feather River Canyon, the Almanor Basin, and Lakes Basin.  As summer approaches, I also love to lead trips to the higher altitudes - meadows on Mt. Hough, Mills Peak, Mt. Elwell, Eureka Peak, Dixie Mountain, and Babbett Peak.  Wildflowers are just a point of departure.  My trips inevitably uncover interesting bugs, frogs, salamanders, and wildlife you've never heard of.  No need to fly to the tropical rain forest.  Plumas County hosts all the exotica (wildlife, not wild life) you can imagine.

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