Saturday, March 3, 2012

Miscellany, Keddie Cascades

Here are a few more photos of things that caught my interest on last week's Keddie Cascades Trail outings.  Three trips within a week and we saw different things every time.  No particular theme here, just photos of things that interested me along the trail.
Top photo is my son Ryan looking at a sturdy broadleaf tree growing horizontally out of a vertical rock face.
The subject of the second photo was a patch of moss with a good stand of sporophytes on top, but after viewing it on the computer, I noticed the dried up frond of a Polypodium fern in the upper left resembles a fish skeleton.
The third photo is of the trunk of a California Incense Cedar.
Next is a nice patch of lichen on a rock.  The crustose body form.
Next to last is a photo of one of the many mini-caves in the rock wall lining most of the trail.  Along this particular stretch, many of them had icicles reminiscent of stalactites in limestone caves.
Last, a leaf of California Black Oak, the namesake of this blog, sporting what looks like a virus.

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