Friday, October 1, 2010

She Lives!

Twelve days ago, while splitting firewood, I exposed some grubs and near-adults of horntails, AKA wood wasps. The near-adults were soft bodied and inactive, and after posting photos of them, I left them to fend for themselves in the woodpile, figuring they'd likely become food for something else. Well, today, after several hot days, while splitting some more firewood, one of these beauties flew in and landed on my leg. Her body had hardened and she must have thought it was summer. She posed for several photos, some with wings spread, and some while biting the stick I poked her with. Once again, I let her go, figuring she'd become food for something else. Maybe not. Maybe she'll return later, a foot long, breathing fire!
My plan is to return this weekend to postings on the geometry/art connection, unless, of course, attending the Fall Festival at the Mt. Hough Ranger Station provides another diversion. There will be food, music, informative booths, and a nice forested setting, all begging to be photographed and discussed.

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