Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Meme that Won't Go Away!

Commemorating the absurd, I'm wishing my viewers a Happy Creation Day. Bishop Ussher, after much "study," concluded that the Creation, i. e., Earth, the Heavens, etc., etc., began on this day, October 23, 6,013 years ago in 4,004 BCE. It's interesting, and a bit frightening to me, that some people viewing my photos can be moved to agree with Ussher and praise their god for getting it all started, while others have their realization of an ancient Earth and the process of evolution reinforced. The difference in these two world views is more than a back story of next week's elections. The consequences of absorbing this meme [check the Wickipedia article if you're not familiar with the term, or read Richard Dawkins] can be seen around the world in how people are divided by religion and willing to kill in order to perpetuate their version of truth.
So, I am not really wishing you Happy Creation Day, but simply wishing you a happy day and hoping that viewing these photos contributes to your enjoyment of the drama we are all a part of. The above photos were taken in the vicinity of Snake Lake, around 4 miles west of Quincy as the Raven flies.

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