Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Can't Believe I Did This!

I'm usually a bit cynical about folks who try to enjoy nature from inside their cars. This morning, due to the rain and a few other considerations, I decided to do some drawing and painting and take a break from photography. But then I needed something at the grocery store and I couldn't resist putting my camera in the car. Then it really started to pour. My meandering route to Safeway took me by my favorite trees at this time of year, and, yes, I took all these photos from the front seat. Sorry. Anyway, from top to bottom, the locations are 1.) Main Street, Quincy, in front of the courthouse. The red and yellow leaves are on Sweet Gum, AKA Liquidamber 2.) Leaves on the ground beneath Sierrosmith's tree on the corner of Lee Way and West High St., 3.) the tree from which the above leaves fell, 4.) Cousin of above tree, this one at corner of Buchanan and Jackson. 5.) and 6.) Oak in front of Papa's Donuts in East Quincy, and Mountain Ash on Coburn, above Boyle. Enjoy the neighborhood color, but bring a raincoat and get out of your car. I will next time - promise!

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