Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Who benefits?

 I saw lots of California Sister butterflies during the month of August.  Now that I'm not seeing them any more, I'm having a flashback to one of the look-alikes.  I found some photos of Lorquin's Admiral in my photo archives.  Here are three such photos.  I remember they really loved to feed on the Spreading Dogbane, a member of the "milkweed" group which consists of the combined families of Asclepiadaceae (milkweeds) and Apocynaceae (dogbanses).  When I approached these specimens, they were so deeply engaged in feeding that I could appraoch with my Nikn to within a foot without scaring them away.
The California Sister, not pictured here, looks very similar.  The pattern of white spots on the wings is a bit different, but the easiest marker to recognize in flight is the Sister has a thin black border around the orange at each wing tip.  I'll dig up a photo of the California Sister and add it here later.

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