Saturday, August 18, 2018

Colors other than brown

 Lately most places I wander with my phone (excusing the blurriness already) are brown.  Dry and scary.  Looking forward to rain.  So, when I see a bright pink thistle, even if I've posted thistles often, it stands out, and I look for visiting arthropods, or anything else to make a particular blossom unique. The one above, found along the college walkway to the upper campus, had a small crab spider visitor.  I'd say it was no longer than 1/3"
 On a neighboring thistle, I found a skipper that was so engaged (maybe its tongue was stuck?) that it allowed me to approach to within a foot.  Thus, a great view of its tongue.  Click on the photo for a closer view.
Last, another skipper landed on a leaf of Mugwort.  Slightly blurry when enlarged, but it provides a good view of its antennae which, like butterflies, are not feathery and end in bulbous enlargements,  but unlike butterflies, have recurved hooks rather than just being spherical.  Close-up photography is incentive to notice these things and have the urge to share them.  Who knows what today will bring?

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