Wednesday, August 8, 2018

No, I spoke too soon.

 Earlier this morning, two posts back, I spoke of the apparent disappearance of the sole Treehopper I found on an oak branch yesterday.  Just a few minutes after completing that post, I headed home down the same path, armed only with my phone camera.  This time, though, the Treehopper was back - or maybe it was just my eyesight that was back.  Steadier hand?  Luck?  I managed to get a passable photo with the phone.  Holding the branch in a good position with my left hand, I managed to get a reasonably-focused few shots with my right.  If you click on the photo, you'll see what I never saw, even while cropping the photo for publishing here.  A crop of babies!  Look in the upper right-hand corner.
In this differently composed photo, you can see the notch in the branches, also upper right, where I spotted the adult in the first place yesterday.  Also, another view of the babies.  This is amazing to me.  Now I'll need to check on them every day and see what the season has in store for these creatures.  On a cold morning, maybe I can get some good photos of them in my hand.  I can operate my DSLR more easily with one hand, and also get sharper images.

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