Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday morning walk

 I took a walk this morning with a friend who comes to Feather River Art Camp (at Oakland Camp) every summer.  Despite the recent visit by road department weed eaters, we saw many wonderful sights.  These three images are among my favorites from the morning.  Above is a Goldenrod Crab spider, poised to capture any bug that decides she's a flower or part of the daisy and comes in for a landing to dine on pollen or nectar.
 The Convergent Ladybird Beetle makes a beautiful contrast with the yellow disk flowers and white ray flowers of a daisy.
A very nice looking Leopard Lily was hiding in a dense thicket of Stream Dogwood and Ninebark by the edge of Spanish Creek.  We were lucky to notice it some 20 feet off the pavement.
Hopefully, tomorrow or the next day I'll catch up on posting my photos and stories from last Saturday's hike into Buck's Lake Wilderness.  I also have more to come from Dellinger's Pond.

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