Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mt. Hough miscellani

 On yesterday's drive part way up Mt. Hough, I found the drought conditions rather scary. But somehow the flowers that still manage to bloom made me feel cooler and more optimistic.  The bright red flowers of the Snowy Thistle contrasting with the silvery white stems and leaves were like beacons, despite the accumulation of road dust.
 The Pennyroyal seem to be having a better than average year, at least in the few places I visit regularly.  I'm still hoping to see my favorite visitor to the Pennyroyal, the Red-shouldered Ctenucha Moth.  So far, I'm seeing mostly Bumblebees and Swallowtail Butterflies.
 On the opposite side of the road from the Thistles pictured above, I spotted a large one somehwat protected by a dense patch of Manzanita and Deerbrush.  Less dust, too.  My camera doesn't do justice to the brightness of the red.
 The Yarrow seem to be doing well, too.  It was so hot by noon there was little or no insect activity on any of these flowers.  Will have to visit again soon early in the morning.

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