Friday, June 5, 2015

After the Shower

 I was sitting in my car reading when a rain shower suddenly moved in.  I loved how the smells of everything changed.  It always smells to me like worms have surfaced.  I can't smell dry dirt, but I love the smell of newly wet dirt.  So, when the shower ended, I thought I'd pay a visit to Dellinger's Pond.  I was disappointed in yesterday's visit.  I was in a grumpy mood, and it colored how I viewed the pond.  The rain put me in a good mood.  So, as I walked onto the dam, the first thing that caught my eye was my first Goldenrod Crab Spider basking in the sun on a cluster of Brewer's Angelica flowers (above).  So, the Crab Spider season has begun.  I tend to photograph and write about this spider a lot.  If I seem to be overdoing it, you can always scroll past it, or just watch something else on NetFlix. :)
I heard a little noise behind me when I was photographing the spider, and there it was, a huge Bullfrog.  Apparently the right temperature and humidity, and maybe the flying insect activity, was pleasing to the Bullfrogs.  As I walked along the dam, I spotted another dozen, and they weren't jumping into the water and disappearing like that had been on every previous visit.  I saw a few more interesting critters, and I'll post those photos tomorrow morning.

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