Monday, June 22, 2015

Nine not milkweeds

 While inspecting all my favorite milkweed places in search of invertebrate visitors, a number of other flowers and scenes caught my eye, reminding me of what I beautiful place I live in, even when we've been experiencing drought for four years.  The above flower is Spanish Clover.  Usually the blooms are facing downward so they are hard to spot.  I gave this one a little lift for the photo.
 A Spanish Creek scene at the spot where the northward-flowing creek turns 90 degrees toward the West.  Lines mostly with sedges, there is quite a variety of trees in the background.  Looks pretty lush for a drought.
 A big bunch of Chamomile fills the cracks of some of the rocks where I got yesterday's photos of Narrow-leaf Milkweed.
 A closer view of the Chamomile, like little daisies.  These heads are around 3/4" in diameter.
 St. John's Wort is abundant this year at roadsides and stream sides around Oakland Camp and elsewhere in American Valley.
 There is a lot of Scarlet Gilia blooming along the dirt road north of Oakland Camp on the way to Gilson Creek.
 One of the many lilies formerly known as Brodiaea. 
 Horsemint - not for a sweet tea.
Mountain Spirea.  

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