Friday, June 19, 2015

Time to Purge the Photo Files

 Every year around this time the Daisies, Horsetails, Leopard Lilies, and Wild Hyacinths appear in great numbers, and every year I take lots of photos of each of them.  Why?  I suppose it's partly a subconscious search for the "perfect" photo.  Part of it has to do with my belief that either photographing or drawing a think forces a closer look, and a closer look usually leads to discovery.  In the case of the daisies, they are visited by a wide range of colorful insects.  That makes the Daisies themselves more interesting to me.  However, there's only so much room on my hard drive, and I only have so much time to go back and look at older photos.  So, I'm now going to begin the fun process of purging the files.  I think maybe two dozen photos of daisies will suffice, and maybe a dozen of horsetails.  Two dozen Leopard Lilies, and maybe a half dozen of the Wild Hyacinth.  We'll see.
 The Horsetails, Equisetum sp., a relic of the Age of Dinosaurs, are so unique looking that I may have trouble discarding any of my old photos.
The Wild Hyacinth intrigues me in all its life stages including the wilting and browning of the petals.
Let the process begin....

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