Friday, September 13, 2013

The Zebra Can't Change His Stripes

 I was running around doing errands, dodging hailstones, etc., but I noticed that man of the Oak Treehoppers I photographed on our Black Oaks a couple of weeks ago have grown up.  Note the ones with longitudinal red and white stripes (above) were the smaller ones with side-to-side black and white stripes in my first photo (below).  Same spot on the tree.  Nobody has moved.  Imagine a zebra doing this!
 During one of my errands I stopped by my "milkweed spot" on Lee Road and found the milkweeds were beginning to burst their pods and were being visited by Milkweed Bugs.  This might be a mother and child (below).  I'll revisit these places tomorrow.  Hopefully the rain will have stopped and I'll take more careful photos.

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