Sunday, April 28, 2013

What Drew Me to This Flower?

 Throw away tulips.  The front yard garden we inherited with the house had too many tulips.  They were as opportunistic as dandelions.  So I pulled up a few and tossed them into the side yard, figuring they'd become soil.  Well, this spring they surprised me.  The bulbs took root and for the past few weeks I've been watching the leaves and stems grow.  Last week I saw the first hint of color in the cracks between sepals on the buds.  Yesterday, there was color all the way around, but the flowers weren't open.  Early this morning, as I headed out to the transfer station as an excuse to photograph wildflowers, I  noticed two of the three buds had bloomed.  I had to hop out with my camera and take a few shots.
 The early morning light provided the kind of glow I love at this time of day.  Then, to top it off, when I looked closer at these photos on my monitor, ...
...I discovered a bug.  Maybe an aphid.  Click on this last one and see if you can find it.  So, even though these are cultivated flowers, the visiting insect gave me the pleasure I get from photographing true wildflowers. 

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