Saturday, April 20, 2013

Late Arrivals

 Tulips have been blooming around town for at least a month.  Ours arrived today.  We live in a place locally known as "the cold spot."  Yesterday I spotted one bud with a little color showing.  Then today I had at least a dozen fully blooming.  Very exciting, even though I prefer wild flowers over domestic, I do enjoy photographing these.
 Grape Hyacinth is complemented by a Dandelion.  Ironically, as I enjoy photographing my Dandelions, I smell the acrid odor of a neighbor's herbicides.  I just don't understand the hatred for Dandelions.  Children play on the poisonous grass.  It makes no sense!
 Looks like Luther Burbank and Van Gogh got together on this one.
 And maybe an architect.
 This was fun, but not as much fun as finding the blooming roadside weeds that will be in the next post.

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  1. Great colors. I would use that super close-up photo as wall art.