Saturday, April 20, 2013

Insects Awakening

 Inspired by Henry David Thoreau ("The Battle of the Ants") and E. O. Wilson, Harvard Professor Emeritus and world authority of ants, I love watching ants.  On yesterday's walk in search of photogenic tree trunks, I found Carpenter Ants (above) and Red Mound Ants (next three) and could have watched for hours.  Click on these photos for closer views.

 Saw just one Cockroach, probably the Oriental Cockroach.  There had to be others in the vicinity, but I didn't have time to search.  I'm sure they'll hang around until my next visit.
 Slime Mold, not a nice-sounding name, makes very interesting patterns in damp setting beneath logs and boards.  Under some conditions, it can grow fast enough that with a hand lens you can see it grow.  It's helping to make new soil.  

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