Thursday, August 23, 2012

There's a Story Here Somewhere

It all started when I got a glimpse of a large, yellow composite flower on the way up my steep driveway.  I thought it might have come from a seed that got away from my neighbors yard (first photo).  My mind raced over the subject of plant propagation, and as I ran to the house to get my camera, I was suddenly aware of the many other composites in my yard and along the driveway, most of which had gone to seed.  First, I got a photo of the neighbor's Brown-Eyed Susans, then trudged down the driveway to get a few shots of the one I first mentioned.  Turns out it wasn't a Brown-Eyed Susan, but a Common Sunflower.  That threw me off balance a bit, as far as my story was concerned.  I began to think about propaganda - originally about "propagation of the faith - and Thoreau's last book, Faith in a Seed.  My story ( or possibly just an essay) will be about the relationship between plant propagation and the propagation of faith.  Thoreau had great faith in seeds, although the way the word is used today, I doubt if he would have much faith in faith.  I've been collecting tidbits which compare the various ways seeds are dispersed with ways propaganda is spread.  There are many interesting analogies here.  The one I haven't quite figured out is what might be the propaganda equivalent of the way Mistletoe seeds are dispersed.  Still working on it.

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