Thursday, August 30, 2012

Better Light, More Patience

Like I wrote yesterday, I'll probably pester my followers with photos and stories of the Treehoppers over the next few weeks, but, I promise, I won't limit the blog to that topic.  This morning I provoked the big mama a bit to see if she would fly.  It was still too clodl for flight, but she was pretty good at trying to hide behind the twig as I approached.  I chased her around the twig several times before I could get this shot.  I assumed she was responding to my approach via the visual sense, but I'm not sure.  I'm sure someone has written a dissertation on these bugs, but I enjoy finding things out for myself.  Richard Feynman, the late physicist and Nobel laureate wrote a book titled "On the Pleasure of Finding Things Out" which I found very inspiring.  As a school teacher, I have always honored curiosity, despite the number of cats that may have perished in its pursuit.

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