Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scenes From a Ditch, Part 4

 This is the last of four posts about my adventure in the ditch in front of Safeway last Sunday morning.  I was enthralled with the large variety of plant and animal life there, not apparent at first glance.  I was also impressed by various signs of human impact.
 I call this one Stretch.  A Thread-waisted Wasp climbing on a leaf of a young maple. 
               I followed this wasp's wanderings for several minutes.  Wish I had a video camera. 
                                             A fly getting a meal on Yellow Sweet Clover.
                                                                  Butterfly on Tansy.
                                                               A fly dining on Chicory.
 Dense coating of brown algae almost hides the Water Strider and young Trout.  Click on photo for a closer view.
                                          A Skipper, close relative of Butterflies and Moths.
    Who pays for returning this to the store?  All of us.  I'll bet this person doesn't love ditches either.
                                                                          Why not?

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