Saturday, August 18, 2012

Last Days of Summer

 We woke up early and discovered evidence of overnight rain.  At least it wasn't heavy enough to scare the bugs away from the daisies in my front yard.  Got a close-up of an Ambush Bug and possibly an Assassin Bug.  These daisies are growing in my front lawn, so I'll probably do my last mowing of the summer tomorrow and they'll have to seek refuge elsewhere for the remaining hot days.

 On the way to Oakland Camp, my son Ryan spotted a good-sized hawk on a telephone pole.  Got a few nice photos out of the car window, and we carried on, wondering if we'd get more rain on what was to be last early morning guided nature walk of the summer. 
 Our close approach to the pole caused the hawk to relocate several times.  We following him from pole to pole for a few moments, then head off for camp.  Sticking to those pole tops, surveying the dried up field below, perhaps he was also contemplating the closing days of summer.

We ended up having a vigorous, 5-mile hike to Gilson Creek and beyond, including a quick inspection of a couple of railroad tunnels, encounters with Bluebelly lizards, Velvet Ants, and Thread-waisted Wasps, and lots of great views over Spanish Creek.  We returned to camp in time for a lunch of Cod Fish.  What a fitting end to summer as I and one of my hiking companions are from Massachusetts where a large model of a Codfish hangs from the ceiling of the State Capitol in Boston and we shared memories of viewing it as teenagers.  We said our good-byes and immediately began to look forward to next summer at Oakland Feather River Camp.

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