Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fall Colors Delerium

 Having trouble thinking clearly in this hot weather.  After spending four days on the cool coast, we returned to the hottest week of the summer in Quincy.  Took an early morning hike into the forest by our home.  While looking for colorful wildflowers, of which there were none, what caught my eye was a dead wild onion.  White.  White light contains all the colors in the visible spectrum, but we can't see those colors unless a prism or some equivalent magic separates them.  As I pondered the wonders of visible light, I found myself longing for fall colors which are still a couple of months away.  Problem solved.  I noticed our four hackysacks lined up on the kitchen counter.  I pretend they are leaves in the fall. 
 CLick on the photo of the wild onion and you'll see some black seeds.  This reminded me of Thoreau's essay "Faith in a Seed."  The potential for next spring's colorful onions is contained therein.
A "colorful" happening we witnessed on our morning hike was the abundance of insect  activity, including the Ambush Bugs mating on Tansy.  There seem to be more Ambush Bugs this summer than last.  I guess they like hot weather, or at least they are among the more robust survivors.
No, this photo is not upside-down.  One of our cats, Dulce, the furriest of our pets, is also rendered almost lifeless by the heat.  He laid out motionless on the dining room floor while I was choosing photos for this post.  Under the circumstances, I thought this pose was rather colorful, so I'm sharing it.  It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow and the next day.  I'll try to find "cool" things to photograph. 

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