Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some Plants Without Obvious Bugs

The top photo here is Crimson Columbine, and it has a small guest on one of its spurs, a ladybug nymph. This photo is featured on the cover of the Quincy Natural Foods Coop's spring newsletter. The clever design by Chris Bolton puts the ladybug inside the Q of Quincy.
The Leopard Lilies were photographed near Hawley Falls in the Lakes Basin. In that area, it seems to me lily plants bearing multiple blossoms are more common that in the Quincy vicinity where most plants of this species bear only one blossom. This could be my imagination. I've always been impressed by the beauty of Star Thistle, especially in early morning light, despite the inconvenience posed by the thistles. I'm more than willing to get stabbed a few times to get this kind of photo. Last, the Cow Parsnip, photographed by Spanish Creek on Chandler Road, is especially attractive when lit from behind. I often seek out this plant because of the great variety of beautiful insects it attracts.

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