Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beware the Ides! Part 1

My rationale for this particular collection of photos will accompany Part 2. Here, I'll just identify them. From the top: First spring leaves of filaree which will bloom within the next few weeks and continue to bloom all summer long; Wooly Mullein, which had the misfortune of taking root inside a raised-bed garden - it will not last the summer unless one of the gardeners discovers (or already knows) its many wonderful properties, as well as its beautiful, snapdragon-like flowers;
larvae of some sort of Diptera (flies and mosquitos - the latter word meaning little fly); Giant Sawtooth fungus, around 7" in diameter - I've yet to see a young person walk by one of these without kicking it; I was lucky enough to observe it for several days before the inevitable happened.

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