Monday, March 7, 2011

Has Spring Really Arrived?

I went out to the Feather River College campus early this morning to meet one of my students, and was delighted to see the sun, the bright blue sky, and lots of stirrings of plants and animals. The mistletoe on the oak trees along Golden Eagle Avenue was bright green and easily visible since the oak leaves have not yet arrived. Lots of geese were in the meadow by the stables, and I got this one pair in flight. On the edges of patches of melting snow, the grass and early shoots of various wildflowers seemed especially green since I hadn't seen this color for many weeks. And the tunnels of the various subterranean dwellers were prominent in the lawns. People who try to maintain pristine lawns probably don't like this, but to me it's a reminder of the complex and wonderful world beneath our feet. Next stop, across the street the pussy willows are bursting forth!

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