Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eating Crow

Eight days ago I posted a photo, taken that morning, of a salamander. When I looked up from the salamander in the mud, i saw this view of Dyer Mountain to the north with a very spring-like setting in the foreground. I titled the post "Proof of Spring." Talk about "eating crow." When I thought about using that phrase as a title for this post, I decided first to research it. Very interesting! But, that's another story. It did make me a bit curious, for I don't see why crow should taste significantly different than chicken, unless perhaps the one that I've often photographed in front of Papa's Donuts. Imagine eating a bird that tastes like donuts! Anyway, snow's back big time and there's apparently lots more to come. The calendar says spring begins Monday, but don't believe it.

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