Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Winging It.

The double entendre in today's title photo is a preview of what I may be up to in the next few weeks. As I said in an earlier post, I plan to do more drawing and working on gathering lots of random journal entries as well as posts from this blog over the past year and a half to see if there is a book hiding in there somewhere. What was initially proposed as a book of natural history essays is starting to take on a broader goal. Natural history for sure, but also politics, philosophy and links between all of these realms and art. I am currently teaching a geometry class and the links between geometry and art are strong yet seldom exploited in conventional geometry classes. My students are beginning to learn the standard techniques of geometric constructions but applying these skills to more aesthetically pleasing results than "proofs." We are building cardboard models of the Platonic solids, for instance, and learning some modular origami. They'll be learning the properties of many plane and solid figures indirectly by making art. Meanwhile, I'm trying to resurrect my rendering skills so I can make a wise decision about whether to illustrate my book with photos (expensive) or original line art (Am I good enough?). So, my blog might resemble my weekly conversations with friends in the Quincy Writers Group, namely "all over the map." Feedback on my chaotic adventures is always welcome. Meanwhile, as usual, click on any photo for a closer view and a caption. The title photo, while captioned "winging it," is actually a Dobson Fly. The rest should be self-explanatory.

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