Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Things I See Splittin' Firewood

One thing I like about splitting firewood, as Robert Frost once said, is that it warms me twice. Another is that the surrounding aromas are far more pleasant than those of the health club where I might otherwise get my exercise - actually, it's more likely I'd get struck by a meteor. Today, still another delight of splitting firewood surfaced - the "outing" of a nearly mature wood wasp. I've seen the mature females drill a hole into fresh cedar to lay their eggs, and it is truly impressive. Today, I had to settle for a soft, groggy, near-adult that will not make it through winter now that I've freed her from her home.
With fresh bear poop on the driveway next to me, it's hard not to feel I'm being watched. I looked up to see our new cat, Radar, staring at me from the plum tree. I'm about half way finished with my wood pile, so there are probably a few more surprises waiting for me.

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