Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mission Accomplished

I said in my last post that I'd go in search of more brown delights, cat-o-nine-tails at a minimum. Well, they were still there, and looking as handsome as ever. When they are sufficiently dry, they explode on impact and are great fun for sword fighting. This, of course, helps them disperse, for better or worse. Bring back another childhood memory was the Curly Dock whose bundles of dried brown seeds are so loosely attached that one can rake a hand along the stem and get an easy handful of seeds for throwing at people. Seems that when I was around 10 - 12, my firends and I did that for hours. So, to make your roadside potty stops more interesting, grab a handful of dock seeds and throw them at someone!
My next attraction was the Common Monkeyflower. Only a few yellow blossoms remain, but most have given way to rather elegant-looking seed capsules. at least I found them photogenic.
I almost gave in to color on this trip, having seen a few blue Chickoy Blossoms along the roadsides, but I decided to limit my photos to this one mutant blossom that was pure white. Remember, white is the absence of color:)

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