Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last Bit of Roadside Color

Before the next show, that is. There's a hint of "fall colors" in the air. Cold mornings and a few red leaves here and there. Along Highway 89 from Quincy to Greenville, the few remaining Chicory and Evening Primrose are special as they are among the few species still blooming. There are still a few patches of Gumplant blooming, but most have gone to seed. During the next couple of weeks I'm going to seek out interesting subjects that are brown. A red, orange, or yellow leaf here and there, but mostly brown until the season of fall colors begins in earnest. At this time of year I think of Thoreau's last work, "Faith in a Seed." I know that seeds will be among the most interesting subjects in September, and, of course, they hold the promise of another spring.

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