Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Great Day in Quincy

In a one-hour drive around American Valley, I had some wonderful encounters with wildlife. I've seen Sandhill Cranes so often when I didn;t have my camera with me, I was beginning to wonder...well, today I found five in a field by Mill Creek and they weren't shy. I hung around for 10 minutes and they never took of. (Be sure to click on the image to get a full-screen view.) Then, I saw patches of poppies all along Quincy Junction Road and Chandler Road. At one stop, I got lucky enough to catch this bumblebee coming in for a landing. Then, on the road out to Oakland Camp I saw a patch of about a dozen daisies and the assortment of insect visitors was constantly changing. Four of my favorites are included here. Finally, the arrowleaf balsamroot was also being visited by bumblebees. I'll post more photos from this same excursion tomorrow morning.

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