Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Who's Studying Whom?

 I've posted two sets of photos taken on the drive up the road to Barker Pass (Parts I and II), and I have enough photos to post a Part III which I'll do tomorrow.  But I'm so eager to share what I found on the Rim Trail from Barker Pass and onward to Twin Peaks, that I'm placing a preview here.  I'm still pretty excited about last Sunday's trip, and I haven't even posted text to accompany the photos on my previous post.  I guess I should do that tomorrow before moving on to the rest of the Rim Trail story.  So, the above photo was taken by my wife, Bib, with her call phone.  I was closing in on a pair of mating grasshoppers.  They were intensely involved and stayed attached to each other for several jumps from pant to plant and attempts to hide from me and my camera.  As you can see, we were in a large field dominated by Mule's Ear. 
And here are the grasshoppers looking back at me.  Click on either of these photos for closer views.
Tomorrow I'll post "On the way to Barker Pass, Part III," the text to accompany Part II, and the first installment of the Rim Trail from Barker Pass to Twin Peaks.  And I should put in a plug for the great Firesign Cafe in Sunnyside, two miles south of Tahoe City, which is rated by the recent Sunset magazine as the "best breakfast in the western USA."  We agree, although we haven't tried them all.

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