Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rare Bug - Guest Photo

My friend Spencer Dykstra sent me this photo of an amazing bug and asked if I could identify it.  I'm sure I've never seen one before, but I said it looked like a cross between a longhorn beetle and a bumblebee.  That would be impossible of course.  However, Spencer's research bore fruit before mine.  He got help from the Bug Guide, a really interesting insect site. 
It turns out it's in the longhorn beetle family, Cerambycidae, and it does a kind of bee imitation when disturbed!  It's called the Lion Longhorn Beetle, or just the Lion Beetle,  Ulochaetes lioninus.  The fuzzy mane probably looks even more lion-like when viewed head-on.  I sure hope I get to see one of these eventually.  Thanks for sharing, Spencer.  By the way, readers, check out Spencer Dykstra Photography. 
Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be rested and will begin catching up on posting my two recent adventures.

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