Friday, July 4, 2014

The Missing Objet d'Art

This photo was meant to be the 5th from the top in my last post, but somehow my agility was lacking and it didn't get included when I clicked "Publish."  Anyway, click on it here and get a closer view of this beautiful insect - a Longhorn Beetle - which, in the context of this story, I call "kinetic art."


  1. They are chopping do trees all over the place in MA because of these beetles. I'm not sure if the one you pictured is the "Asian" variety but it is an invasive species here big time and they are trying to stop it from spreading.

  2. Hi Carolyn: It's an honor to have your comment appear on my blog. I have returned the favor on yours. I think the beetle I've pictured is the Spotted Pine Sawyer. It's a native, and I don't think it's causing harm except perhaps in some areas where its equilibrium with its host trees has already been disturbed by the usual human intrusions. I have an inordinate fondness for beetles.