Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Objets d'Art

 I was exposed to a lot of nice art today, some of it stationary and some of it kinetic.  When I recover from the ridiculous heat, I will add text that connects these ten images in the story of my day.

Fri., July 4:  I still feel groggy from the heat, but here goes.  I'm impressed by the posters of art that appears in our two main galleries in Quincy, Plumas Arts and Main Street Artists.  A very nice stop-gap measure to make the vacant lot of the former Pizza Factory more attractive while we wait for new construction of some sort.  How about a park dedicated to art displays?
I started photographing individual posters, like this one of two happy cranes by Richard Daun, and
this one of a lone tree on a meadow by Michael Beatley, when I spotted a bug in the upper left corner of the sky. I moved in closer for a photo of just the bug, a Longhorned Beetle, but that photo didn't get posted...
...I then captured the bug and placed it on my left hand and photographed it with my right.  Click on the photo for a better view of the scary jaws. 
I've never had one of these try to bite.  It seemed content to crawl around on my hand until I released it onto the chain-link fence.  It immediately started to crawl back to the poster where I had caught it.
This one-foot journey back to the poster would have made a nice video clip, but I only have a still camera.  Try to imagine the in-between frames.

Just past the row of posters is the Clinch Building which houses the Main Street Artists Gallery with a show featuring George Fluke.  George's update of a famous Renaissance image  caught my eye.  I'll call it "Michelangelo's Guitars" or maybe "The Creation of Chet Atkins."
An hour earlier I caught a photo of another piece of kinetic art, a blue Damselfly, on the paved path at Feather River College.

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