Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bug Time

 Where did my week go?  Still not enough time to catch up on my stories and photos about Brady's Camp trip, and last Saturday's trip to Lakes Basin, much less finish my series on the Tahoe Rim Trail, an adventure now two week's past.  But, I do still make time to walk the dog and bring the camera in case I see any interesting wildflower drama.  So, yesterday the beautiful Ambush Bugs finally emerged on the rather small crop of Tansy growing up in Boyle Ravine.
 They must sense the minimal crop of their favorite flower and the hot dry summer that won't  support them much longer.  They were engaged in making more Ambush Bugs almost immediately after they made their first appearance of the season.
On the way home, we saw some Snake Flies on the big green water tank.  I couldn't get a good side view, but they really do look a bit like a snake with wings. 

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