Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where's My Camera?

I was in my office early this morning when I thought I heard a child drowning.  That didn't make sense because I was nowhere near any open water.  So, I figured it was some students fooling around and I kept on working.  Then there was a flickering of the light coming through the office window.  I looked up and saw three wild turkeys no more than 10 feet away perched on the railing leading up to the office.  Unbelievable.  It appeared to be a male and a couple of females clearly communicating about something exciting - like maybe making more turkeys?  And I didn't have my camera with me.  When I walked over to the exit door, I saw that a small crowd with cell phone cameras had gathered.  Luckily, my colleague, Cindy Barrett, had a new cell phone with a good camera.  Despite the tricky lighting - the turkeys were in very deep shade while the sun caught the trees and building a little higher up, making the contrast ridiculous.  She agreed to share this photo which under the circumstances is outstanding.  Thank you, Cindy!
Spring is really coming alive, even thought it doesn't officially begin until tomorrow.  I vowed to bring my camera everywhere I go from now on.
I'm seeing lots more birds lately.  Robins, Juncos. Ravens, and many little brown ones I don't know.  I'm also hearing more Stellar's Jays.  I've been so busy with school, that I haven't focused much on natural history these past two months, but that's going to change.  I find myself staring at new sprouts breaking ground and trying to will them to grow faster and bloom.  The Corn Lilies are nearly a foot tall, the Stickseed and Buttercups have broken ground on campus.  I'm seeing more and more shoots of Death Camus and Shooting Star.  I can hardly wait for the colorful blooms and the pollinators to arrive.

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