Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Second Wildflower of the Season

 I spotted some Filaree along Lee Road in a place that a few months from now I'll be calling my "milkweed place" because it's where I've been I've been watching the Showy Milkweed and its insect and spider visitors go through their annual life cycles for several years.
When I see the first tiny flowers blooming, I usually crawl around on my hands and knees and find the sprouts of many species that are only a week or two behind the first ones to bloom.  In this case,
one of the Filaree's neighbors was the Cinquefoil whose leaves resemble those of marijuana.  This member of the rose family with get two to three feet tall and sport yellow flowers that superficially resemble those of buttercups.  On another small adventure today I hiked up a pole line off the Snake Lake road in search of other early blooms.  I didn't find anything blooming, but the manzanitas were close.  I did see the early foliage of quite a few species of wildflowers that will bloom soon.  I also saw some interesting insects.  Will post photos and description of those findings in the morning. With a break in the rain and some long distance views of the mountains, I suddenly got the urge to pay my first visit to Table Mountain.  The blooming is underway already and I don't want to miss the show this year.

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