Monday, March 3, 2014

Rite of Spring

 No, not Stravinsky's.  This is my rite of spring.  Turning over logs, rocks, sheets of cardboard or plastic, and most any other object that might be covering some interesting wildlife - invertebrates, plants, fungi, etc.  The recent rains and relative warmth have brought lots of things to life.  Well, they were already alive.  Let's just say they have begin their springtime activities.  The boards around my yard are now covering a good variety of slugs.
 Slugs are snails without shells.  Fun to watch, and they move slowly enough that they are easy to photograph.  Also, the grey skies allow for more accurate color rendering in photographs.  These photos have not been altered at all whereas the same photos taken under bright sun would have required some editing to produce pleasing results.

 I removed a big piece of black plastic from an area where i was trying to divert water runoff only to discover our tulips are well on their way to spring stature.
 Also, they're all leaning toward the South where the low sun angle is providing their needed light.
 This 50-pound, flat rock, year after year, is a reliable site for Earthworm viewing.
Here he is again, the early worm that gets the bird.

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