Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pre-spring wanderings, Sunday

 I noticed the first few Forsythia blooms on the Feather River College campus over a week ago.  Today, on my way to a short hike in the woods, I decided to grab a few photos of these bright beauties in the olive family.  I might shoot a few more tomorrow and propose one for the cover of next spring's catalog.

 Around the bases of some of the large Black Oaks on campus, the Henbit Dead Nettle are breaking ground.  No blooms yet, but their tiny serrated leaves are distinctive.
 When I returned to the PG&E pole line just north of campus, I noticed right away a great deal more insect and spider activity than in days past.  This nice Wolf Spider must have still been cool from the night before because when I removed the piece of bark covering it, it stayed for several photos before seeking cover again.
 This Bumblebee was sitting in the middle of the dirt path and made no attempt to escape until I poked it a few times.  Maybe it was still too cold to fly.
 The prize of the day was this young Rubber Boa.  I found it under an old piece of plywood.  I picked it up and tried to photograph it one-handed without good results, but it was very gentle, and when I put it down it simply tried to hide its head.  I'd guess it was around 14"long.  I'll be checking under that piece of plywood every time I walk by. 

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