Friday, March 21, 2014

Early Morning Walk

 I have been noticing the Corn Lilies breaking ground for a couple of weeks now, but I always seem to be on the way to somewhere else.  There's a nice crop of them growing beneath the White Alders in a kind of mini-forest just off the paved path that leads from the FRC parking lot to the upper campus.  I walk by it every day, sometimes two or three time a day, but seldom have time to stop.  Now that there are quite a few sprouts of different plants appearing, I need to stop more often with camera and/or sketchbook in hand. 
 The above and below photos give an idea of the environment where these lilies are growing.  Soon they will be surrounded by a new crop of Wild Ginger, Buttercups, and various members of the mint and mustard families.  Having taken photos in this spot for several years, I know what to expect, except for the unexpected, of course.  But this early in the season I find myself trying to will the plants out of the ground by intense staring.  Either it doesn't work, or there is a two-week lag time.
 Even though I was in a bit of a hurry this morning, and stopped only for the Corn Lilies, I did manage to indulge one of my other compulsions and turned over one small rock.  I was quite satisfied to find a centipede.  Then I hurried off to my office, day-dreaming about the wonders yet to come in this favorite spot of mine.

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