Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Little Drama without Bugs

 I got used to checking on this Thistle daily when it hosted an Ambush Bug.  Now that the bug is gone, I've been enjoying watching the closing stages of this plant's annual cycle of life.  One of the blooms has gone to seed, while the other looks like it will be colorful for another week or two. 
Another noticeable plant along the same walkway is this member of the mint family.  My first guess was Horsemint, but this one is pretty fuzzy and a lady I met along the path said it was Bee Balm.  The other very noticeable feature on this day is the large number of acorns that are falling from the California Black Oak.  Unfortunately, when I use this path I'm always in a hurry to get to class or to get home.  I'm hoping that on a weekend I can schedule at least an hour to walk the path slowly and observe more.  Meanwhile, during tomorrow's Nature Literature class, we'll take an hour-long amble to discuss nature journaling and observe some of the natural features of the forest uphill from the main campus.  That will include some discussion of the Maidu methods of maintaining a good acorn harvest.

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