Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Truth in Advertising, Not

Perhaps another case of ASD (Attention Surplus Disorder), I was sorting my Butterfly Valley photos and trying to make sense of a couple of garden plants sighted in downtown Quincy (see previous post), when a cute green bug walked across my notepad.  I grabbed a handy marker and let the bug crawl up on it for a photo.  As it kept trying to get to the backside to hide I kept taking photos while rotating the marker, hoping at least one would be sharp.  When I checked the photos on my monitor, this one is the only one that was sharp.  I enjoyed the irony of the fact that the label on the marker is a lie.  The odor was quite apparent, and undoubtedly not healthy.  I wondered if it was supposed to act like some air fresheners which actually deaden your sense of smell rather than actually neutralize the odors.  To me, that is a horrendous fraud and intrusion.  In any case, the label applied more accurately to the bug.  It had no apparent odor at all.

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