Saturday, June 8, 2013

Photo of the Day

 I was driving along the road to Meadow Valley, west of Quincy, this morning and saw many patches of Indian Paintbrush along the way.  Their red color looks to me a little toward the orange part of the spectrum.  Then I spotted one bit of bright red among them.  I figured it was either a mutant or a different flower.  I remembered having spotted California Indian Pink in this area in summers past, so I thought I'd find a safe place to turn off then go back for a closer look.  Sure enough there was just one specimen (above) of the Indian Pink among all the Paintbrushes.  And a healthy beauty it was.
I wandered around the area a bit and found several other species blooming including my first Showy Milkweed of the season.  I'll post more of today's findings a bit later.  According to a weather site I follow, it reached 106 degrees in Quincy this afternoon, so I'm feeling pretty lethargic. 

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